"One of the facts of life that we soon discovered when we came to live in France, was that finding reliable and competent tradesmen was a process of elimination. In our case, this turned out to be full of frightfully expensive disappointments.   However, over a period of time, we gradually acquired a small team of people in whom we have complete trust, and utter respect for their professional competence and reliability. Tournesol Property Care, run by a husband and wife team, Simon and Mandy Davison, are without question, regarded by us as being at the very top of our list of artisans. We have no hesitation in recommending their services, in the surprisingly wide range that we have used them for."  
Liz & John HALE (Beaulieu)

"Re: Mandy Davison, Translator & Interpretor, Tournesol Language & Services:  Over the past two years I unfortunately have had medical problems that have required all kinds of tests and evaluations and subsequent surgery.  Throughout this process I have been lucky to have had Mandy with me to both interprate with the Consultants, Surgeons and medical staff as well as translate documents that require full understanding and sometimes one's signature.  Mandy's complete understanding of French is quite remarkable, as well as her understanding of how the system and French psyche works. In our dealings with the Medical staff, who are themselves really good, Mandy has enabled the process to be virtually stressless both for us as well as  the Doctors and Nurses.  Should you, when dealing with French authorities in any situation feel out of your depth,  I can assure you that having Mandy's assistance is invaluable."
Brian & Lesley THOMAS (Valence)

"Tournesol Property Care have taken the worry out of having a house in France. They have looked after our house as if it were there own, this makes it easy to just leave the day to day running to them and not have any worries about what is happening when we are not there. In the last three years of using Tournesol Property Care we have never been less than amazed at their attention to detail and the care that is taken over everything they do"  
Ed & Rachel HOUGHTON (Herefordshire)

"Re Tournesol Language & Services : I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mandy for her amazing service and support. Mandy gave me much needed support throughout the difficult time following the sudden death of my husband. She dealt with the very challenging circumstances involved with the repatriation and dealt with the relevant authorities with an assured and assertive manner that was essential at a very distressing time for me. Her translation skills and knowledge of French culture were invaluable but most importantly, Mandy's attitude and kindness helped me get through the most difficult time."
Jill BLEWETT (Cellefrouin)

"After more than a decade of house ownership/letting with several different caretaker/gardeners we have found that Simon Davison of Tournesol Property Care is the most efficient, reliable and reasonably priced of all.  His flexibility to our individual needs is one of his greatest assets.  If only we had discovered him ten years ago!"   
Diana and Alan Hodges (Condac)

"We have been using Tournesol Property Care to run our house in the Charente for 5 years now, and have been very impressed with their excellent service and meticulous attention to detail. Simon and Mandy have proved highly professional, dependable and helpful in every way, offering a wide range of additional assistance, from getting our landline and broadband installed to fixing roof leaks and sourcing  garden furniture. In addition all of our guest feedback has been 100% positive. We would highly recommend this property care company to anyone!"        
Clive and Rosie JAMES ( Villiers le Roux)

"Having a holiday home several hundred miles from your permanent residence can be very stressful.  Grass grows ( very quickly!!), power cuts, and general security. Tournesol Property Care have solved all of those worries for us and provide an excellent service.  We trust Simon and know that our house is looked after and he is always on hand with good advice. Its not only the routine jobs that are handled perfectly - I don't spend all my holiday cutting grass now or trying to get the pool clean!  But also the unexpected - by  building a rapport with our neighbours Simon has also made it much easier for us  to fit in and we can respond promptly to any issues.  We would whole heartedly recommend Tournesol Property Care to anyone."
Mr & Mrs SHEARRING  (Chabanais)

"Thank you so much Mandy for all your help with sorting out our billing problems with France Telecom.  I'm sure that it was your professional approach and the thorough detail in your letter to them that finally showed that they were in the wrong and led to our receiving the money that you had requested from them. Thanks again and be certain that if we need help in the future we won't hesitate to contact you"  
Shielah and Ian CLISBY (Ruffec)

"It was a great day when we found Tournesol's leaflet under our windscreen wiper. The company is professional, reliable, efficient and punctual - a real treasure.  Also, Simon has been marvellous with any extra help and advice."
M and S MATTHEWS (Chassiecq)

“We were introduced to Mandy of Tournesol Language & Services through friends who, for some long time, had employed Simon most successfully. Not being able to fully  understand a letter or, more particularly in our case,  legal document can be very dangerous. Over many months Mandy has translated letters and made telephone calls on our behalf, More recently we have utilised Mandy’s  services to assist us with the process of selling our property to a French couple and I know that the Agents and purchasers alike found her skills most helpful. She has been with us to the Notaire for the signing of the Compromis de Vente and we will be asking her to hold Power of Attorney if we find that completion is after we have repatriated. She is discreet, easily contactable, thorough and obliging and we highly recommend her skills to anyone (in fact we already have)” 
Shelagh and Dick MITHAM (Agris)

"We have had excellent support from Tournesol for a number of years for both garden maintenance and house security.  The services provided by Simon & Mandy have always been extremely reliable, flexible, efficient and cost-effective.  We are very happy to recommend Tournesol without hesitation"
John & Christine REFAUSSE (Les Houilleres)

"Living in New Zealand and having a minimal grasp of the French language could have made owning a property in France very difficult. I have been very happy with the thorough and conscientious assistance I have received from Mandy at Tournesol Language & Services. Having her deal with utilities, accounts, and general business on my behalf has been invaluable."
Ian SIMSON (Turgon)

I would like to recommend very highly Simon & Mandy Davison who run Tournesol Property Care - a house maintenance company. In the short time I owned my house in Charente they did everything! The maintained the grounds, repaired leaks, organised plumbers and heating engineers, dealt with bills and tenants, and the post, in fact, I did nothing and they did it all while I was away in Indonesia. When I returned to the UK they continued to organise absolutely everything and they did it efficiently and completely honestly - they are a reliable couple without whom I could not have managed. So if you need anything doing then please do not hesitate to give them a call or contact them by email. This recommendation from me is the least I can do for them as a thank you.
Philip HATCH-BARNWELL (Turgon)

Since meeting Mandy DAVISON 6 years ago I have called upon her translation services on many occasions that have included complex legal work and translations in situations that have been both stressful and where exact understanding has been critical .  She has provided invaluable help with a difficult and litigious work situation in terms of interpreting at meetings and translating and helping me to understand complicated paperwork and processes.  Mandy has always provided an extremely professional approach to her work being reliable, punctual, swift & precise. Having been pleasantly surprised at her quick response in dealing with even minor issues I therefore do not hesitate to recommend Tournesol Language & Services.
Roni SIDWICK (Cellefrouin)

Hooray for Mandy & Simon at Tournesol.  We bought Camping Devezeau, Nr St Angeau and moved here in January 2014, the mountain of bureaucracy in setting up a business is immense, but with the help of Mandy as a translator, at Tournesol Language & Services I managed to attend a 3 day course at the Chamber of Commerce in Angouleme, all in french and take an exam at the end all in French and pass.  The outcome being I have my 3 licences to operate my business professionally and legally in France, her advice and knowledge were invaluable and paramount to success.  We had been told and read in english publications what you can and cant do and how to get away with things in France.  My only advice to anyone doing anything is to get the right advice from people who really know and for me that was and still is Mandy at Tournesol Language and Services.  If you have need of excellent service regarding all things Horticultural and Swimming Pool, there is no better in my estimation than Simon at Tournesol Property Care, we took over Camping Devezeau, with a green slimy pool and overgrown grounds and with Simons help it is a crystal clear pool and the grounds are in recovery.  Thank very much Mandy and Simon for an all round professional service, see you soon.. Chris & Debs, Camping Devezeau

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